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If you fancy having a go at off road riding Trials bikes are the best to start on. The lightweight bike is designed for slow controlled riding, over obstacles like rocks, logs and steps.

You can get kitted up with a used bike and all the clothing for around £1500. Once you have the bike upkeep is pretty simple, so it is a good cheap sport to get into. Once you join a club you can enter Club Trials - as we are an AMCA club no licence is required. We run a Club Trial usually on the 1st Sunday of every month. In the Summer we also run Saturday evening trials with a Barbecue afterwards. Entry fee is usually only £15 for a days riding.

We are one of several clubs in South East catering for riders from the age of six up to about eighty years of age and of all abilities from novice to expert. Competitions are run on private woodland and and there are usually about 4 laps of 10 'sections' marked out in woods, through streams, over logs, up banks and rocks etc.  The riders attempt to ride through these, between markers, from the 'Section Begins' to the 'Section Ends' cards without putting a foot down or stopping. There is an' observer' on each section who gives penalty points for this and the rider with the least marks in his ability class at the end of the trial is the winner of that class.  There are various routes in the section marked by different colours ranging from very easy to expert.

If you require advice on the type and size of motorcycle most suitable to you there are some specialist trials motorcycle shops around who would advise you on this and the type of clothing you require.  The essentials are boots which cover the ankle, an open face helmet and gloves. As a club we give advice to anyone just starting.  We sometimes hold trials training days too.

To join the Gest Trials Club please download the Membership Form link below.

If you are renewing your membership and your details have not changed you can pay by BACS and confirm by email to: martinabbottengineering@gmail.com

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